Smartduvet, the bed that arranges itself


What do you think of a bed that can be arranged by itself? And how about a bed that allows you to regulate a different temperature for each side?

Smartduvet is a Canadian company that created this intelligent system that allows you to fix the bed automatically and now with the creation of Smartduvet Breeze has a built-in bizone air conditioner, the same way you regulate the temperature in your car, the best thing is that we can do everything from the smartphone.

The invention itself is the bedspread that has been added to the SmartDuvet bed and what it does is that thanks to a circulation system, it introduces warm air whenever you want and takes advantage of room air to circulate it inside again to make it colder.

It’s an eco-friendly product that pays for itself, with Smartduvet Breeze you can heat or cool your body directly instead of the whole house, thus reducing electricity consumption and carbon footprint.

How does it work?

When the bed-making function is activated, the device inflates the main air chamber by lifting the comforter and top sheet to the original position. A different network of smaller channels is responsible for supplying the air conditioning to each side of the bed without inflating the main air chamber.

The magic behind the Smartduvet Breeze is mainly its transparent layer, which is hidden between the comforter and the cover. Through its different air chambers and channels, it sends the air conditioning to the desired side of the bed. The smaller channels are used for climate control and the large air chamber is used to make the bed automatically.

The control box is easily stored under the bed. Controls everything, from the airflow used for fixing the bed, to the temperature on each side. It uses powerful but silent blowers.

The app

The Smartduvet Breeze application for Apple and Android allows you to set the desired temperature on each side of the bed. You can use it to preheat or aerate your bed before going to sleep. It also allows you to set the time to make the bed.

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