WWDC 2017 – Was it worth the wait?


WWDC 2017

As every year, apple fans wait for the two main events where we can savor to have all their new innovations, but was it worth the wait? Below, a recap of the news that apple’s CEO,  Tim Cook, announces to us at the WWDC 2017 (World Wide Developer Conference):

Amazon Video

Amazon video was one of the services that were missing on the AppleTV, which now joins other services like Hulu and Netflix to give us a larger range of movies and series.


Apple WatchOS 4

As for the new operating system of the watches, there were no significant changes, only added things, which were expected, but nothing innovative, among the features mentioned, are:

  • Activity: Received improvements and is now able to send feedback and prizes to motivate us to exercise.
  • Do not disturb mode: this is for when you are busy, doing some physical activity, and you don’t want to be bothered with any call or message.
  • Music: now we have a shortcut from the sports app, so you can change the song you are listening to.
  • We now have a more interactive Siri, who will be more pending for tasks that you have throughout the day.
  • The sports app is more intuitive and with an improved design, which is now capable of changing the exercise, it will let us make the change in the same session without having to open another separate.

AppleWatchOS 4.jpg


MacOS High Sierra

The new mac operating system will level up with the new technologies incorporated into this version, apple is thinking about the future, now let’s see what’s the new features it brings:

  • New Apple File System (APFS), as it already does on iOS devices, this file system will offer us greater performance, security and reliability. Apple said that tasks such as copying files will be instantaneous, in addition to protecting the data at the time of a blackout and this last, will have native encryption.
  • Support for HEVC (H.265), decreases the size by 40 percent compared to the current H.264 standard, which will allow streaming videos in Ultra HD.
  • The HEVC and the new version of Metal (Metal 2) will allow to include applications for automatic learning and content based on VR.
  • Safari also received some improvements, such as the use of reader to open files in a clean format, blocking of automatic page replication, Intelligent Tracking Prevention in which Safari will automatically learn to identify and delete tracking data that some companies use to follow your Web activity.




iMac PRO

Apple unveiled some details of what will be its all in one, focused exclusively on the professional audience. The iMac Pro puts professional skin to include hardware only seen on the Mac Pro.

  • 18 cores, the possibilities are almost limitless. Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.5 GHz allow you to combine the flexibility of multi-core processing with incredible power in single-threaded processes. Render files, edit video in 4K.
  • Cache up to 42MB.
  • iMac Pro debuts GPU, the Radeon Pro Vega. As it’s three times faster than the GPU of any previous iMac, it gives you, on a single chip the power of a dual graphics card.
  • Up to 128GB of ECC DDR4 RAM to 2666Mhz.
  • SSD up to 4TB.
  • Putting a vision in the future, an Ethernet card is integrated to 10GB.


App Store


Since the opening of the App Store, millions of users have downloaded millions of apps. Nine years later, apple gives a completely new design. Incorporating expert recommendations, fascinating stories, very selective topic lists, tricks and a lot of ways to find your new app or favorite game. It’s the biggest change of the App Store since the apps arrived.



iOS 11

apple made an advance of all the new features that will have the new operating system of iPhones and iPads, possibly coming out with the iPhone 8, let’s see some of its new features.

  • App Files: This application will manage files between various clouds, such as iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox, among others. This way we will not have a desktop operating system as such, but it’s a start.
  • New dock: This called our attention, it can be accessed from any edge of the iPad and will change shape depending on the application we are using.
  • Drag and Drop: When we have divided screens, eg, writing an email and navigating somewhere, we can drag any image or text to the mail that we are writing or the document in page or notes.
  • Augmented Reality: Perhaps one of the most spectacular new features has been the augmented reality that thanks to the kit developed by Apple, called ARkit, developers will be able to design their applications using this technology and thus be able to interact with our environment.
  • Multitasking: With Slide Over and Split View, you can open a second app directly from the Dock and both will still be active. To open that second application in Slide Over, just drag it to the left. And with the new app selector, you will access App Spaces with the applications you use most.
  • Scanner: From notes, you can scan any document.
  • Siri: It now includes a Machine Learning or an auto learning machine, to make it more powerful, you can do automatic translations.



iPad PRO

Apple bets that its iPad makes competition for certain laptops of the market, now the iPad Pro’s update will be its size, with its 12.9″ model. Among its characteristics are:

  • True tone screen.
  • ProMotion technology.
  • Processor A10X.
  • Storage options up to 512GB.



Apple HomePod

Siri has left the phone to become a virtual assistant for a $350 speaker called Homepod.



Watch the complete event here



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