Wall Street companies expect to move billions through Blockchain in 2018


Blockchain technology has come to stay and now knocks the doors to Wall Street, several companies are already doing their analysis to integrate their database with block technology.

Currently one of the companies that has announced its interest is DTCC, this company based in New York processes more than 11 billion transactions a year, this moved from its journey to the world of blocks has been long awaited by exchanges around the world , for its part IBM that can not be left behind is helping companies like DTCC to create an infrastructure that will support the operations that will have with Blockchain.

For its part, IBM has teamed with Axoni’s new block company to create a replicable and revolutionary swap network for the DTCC that is built on versatile smart contracts.

Once this exchange network goes live, the credit exchange market will be fully processed by a new private chain system.

Another industry giant analyzing Ethereum as a business-grade currency is Microsoft, who are already doing analysis to integrate it into their operations model, this may make many companies that live on Wall Street are interested in the innovations brought by technology of Blockchain and the incorporation of digital coins.

source: Cryptoanalyst.co


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