Visiting FuckUp Night in Prague

FuckUp Night Prague


Review of our visit to FuckUp Night Prague

During the month of January we had the opportunity to attend one of the editions of FuckUp Nights in Prague (Remember that FuckUp Nights is an international event in which entrepreneurs account their “FuckUp” and how they managed to overcome it, of course we have it in Panama too).

On this occasion, the theme of the Fuck-Up Nights was “The Science of Life” and we had the opportunity to listen to 3 great personalities of Prague.

First speaker: Anna Fucíková

First of all, we listen to the physics Anna Fucíková, who in 2012 won the ceska hlava award, one of the greatest recognitions of science in RC.
She began his presentation with the phrase: “Celý život je jeden velký F… Up“,
Which in English means “All life is a big FuckUp”. She told us her story that she had problems with dyslexia and many learning difficulties. However, the biggest fuck-up was when she suffered an accident that took her to the hospital.At that moment she felt devastated. Nevertheless, she persisted in her goals. She obtained her university degree from one of the most prestigious universities in the Czech Republic. She completed her post-graduate studies and in 2012 she was awarded the ceská hlava prize for her research work on nanoparticles.

Second speaker:Zbigniew Jan Czendlik

The second guest of the evening was Zbigniew Jan Czendlik, a Catholic priest of Polish nationality who operates in the Czech Republic. He is known for his role as moderator on Czech television and radio. Its program called “Postel hospoda kostel” that in english means “Bed, pub and chruch”
How many stories of life: personal, priestly and others. In the year 2016 he published a book under it.

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Third speaker: Martin Buncek

The third guest was Martin Buncek, vice president of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. This organization is in charge of promoting projects of applied research, experimental development and research.Where he told us a little of his history and the fuckups that he had to face in developing this position.

Fourth speaker: Katerina Vacková

At the end we heard Katerina Vacková, founder of the Non-Governmental Organization Loono. She told us her story and her fuck-up: “She was a normal and totally healthy student of medical school.
One day the doctors detected cancer in my body and it was malignant. I wondered: why me? Why so young ?, why now? “At that moment she could have abandoned everything, but this experience gave her the impulse to start with her organization. And then began “Loono”, organization that is dedicated to the prevention of cancer, through the realization of educational workshops. Currently, they have helped more than 10,000 people in both the fight and the prevention of cancer. In the end, she leaves us a sentence: “Ty musíš být vždycky neco spešl”, You must always be something special.


In general we really enjoyed the event, being one of the most important cities in Europe. Obviously it was full, in fact we had to buy a ticket a month in advance as the tickets sold out fast. Among the things that caught our attention was that the ticket is not expensive it costs about $ 8 and also they have their own beer for The event (the Czechs are one of the biggest consumers of beer). We hope we can go again, that our Czech is even better and why not? Know some entrepreneurs.

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