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We had the opportunity to speak with Dan Pinchasi, Venmetro’s CEO, fintech based in Panama.

But first… What is a fintech? According to wikipedia, it comes from the words finance and technology used to designate companies that offer financial products and services created with information and communication technologies.

What is Venmetro?

Venmetro is an online lending platform with the aim of granting comfortable loans without delay and free of unnecessary paperwork. It offers personal loans and car loans in a different way, your requests are made comfortably from the website, without having to physically go to a branch to quote. They have a team that supports, through live chat and telephone, to address any concerns that have their users.

Our mission is to use technology through a reliable platform designed to eliminate intermediaries, reduce costs and help people reach their financial goals. We have developed technologies that allow us to reduce costs, adapt to the profile of our clients and offer rates more attractive than other financial institutions.

Dan Pinchasi – CEO

Venmetro’s development and technology team is using various data points from applicants, existing clients and other behavioral tools to analyze whether the applicant is good or not. Its objective is to have a 100% automated system with the support of machine-learning, artificial intelligence and integrations with several third-parties.

You ask yourself … What if I am inside? Currently they have two (2) offices, the main one is in the City of Panama and City of David, Chiriquí, which allows to offer its services to the population of the interior also. Additional they have a payment network, so that customers can pay and credit their loans in any point of the country.

Venmetro Inglés


They offer loans to employees of private companies and self-government employees, who must have the following:

  • Minimum 7 months in your current job.
  • A salary of $ 500 or more.
  • Be a Panamanian or foreigner with permanence.

The maximum response time is 48 business hours. If the documentation is complete by the customer, it will try to give an answer the same day.
We currently have certain alliances with companies to carry out the management as quickly as possible, just as we are open to negotiations and designing new products.

The last step in your process is to notify the employer, this refers to taking the direct discount to human resources, because they are the only ones who approve the direct discount and placing certain data requested, this information is confirmed before the disbursement.

Like any company, Venmetro has had its challenges and comments on the following:

One of the challenges has been security, because of the flexibility we offer in terms of applying for a loan, it is a little difficult to contemplate areas of fraud, however, we work more and more to have defenses that allow us to identify the same.
In Panama the digital signature is not clear and wide with respect to its use, that is why the signatures of documentation are made personally, and this requires the client to visit a branch at the end of the process, this way we can meet him and that he knows our personal.


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