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Vacaciones - Vacations

The national holidays passed and Christmas is coming, school vacations, it’s time to plan your family trip or, why not, your own… But are you tired of your travel agent or are you one of those who likes to do things on their own? Here we bring you a small guide to help you!

First you must decide where you want to go, what destination catches your attention. Can’t decide? Don’t worry, the tool to discover places of destination of Google Flights is here for you.

Google Flights

Google Flights is a site offered by the most famous search engine that allows you to obtain an overview of schedules, dates, possible destinations and prices of desired flights. The system is very simple: it’s all about entering a point of origin and destination, a date and all the power of the search engine will function in order to offer fast and good results. You can limit the search results by airport of origin to length of the route, time of year, and/or continent and see a map of the investigation, how much it will cost to arrive, you can even specify destinations for interests, such as “beaches”, “ecotourism” or “honeymoon” to get some popular recommendations. From there, you can further reduce the results by setting a maximum price limit or by choosing only nonstop flights.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, you still have more options, like’s search engine. Once you have decided the destination you will visit, you can use skyscanner, momondo, kayak or hopper to verify the price of the flight. Now, if you have not yet thought about what date you will travel, but would like to know all the flight offers, you can subscribe to pages like Despegar, Scott’s Cheap Flights, Airfarewatchdog or The Flight Deal.

Something very important that we must consider is the cost of living in the destination to visit, if we take into account only the cost of the ticket, we may get an economic ticket but upon arrival in the country we find ourselves unable to enjoy everything. We must not forget the entrance requirements to some countries (Visa).

You can also book through websites such as Priceline, Expedia or Orbitz to earn points or use points on your credit card to book. The general advice is to book directly with the airline to get more leverage when there are flight cancellations or other irregularities, so you do not have to contact a third party to re-book, but depending on your credit card (bank), you can also have better travel protection policies.

Now, we have our ticket … Let’s find where to stay!

Knowing where to stay can be quite overwhelming, especially if it’s the first time you travel and you do not know anyone who can give you advice. Sites like Airbnb and (if you have a short budget) CouchSurfing, HostelBookers or HostelWorld make it useful for travelers to get more information about various neighborhoods and businesses in the vicinity. It is also useful to look for city forums on TripAdvisor to get an idea of ​​what locals or other travelers recommend. It is important to mention that it is important that you make sure you look for specific needs that you may have, such as free WiFi, late check-in, among others. When booking in these sites, read the descriptions carefully because the place can include extra expenses, either cleaning or additional person.

Useful apps

The main rule is to maximize the ability to use applications offline in case you find yourself in a remote place, without a signal or if you want to save a couple of dollars of roaming or international SIM.

Google Translate Icono Google Translate

Google makes it possible to use the translation application without Wi-Fi or data, you can translate dozens of languages either through text or voice.

We’ve seen Google Translate in action, and it always impresses: you can hold your smartphone to someone who speaks in another language, and the application will translate on the fly. Do you want to decipher a menu in Japanese? Just hold the phone over the words and it will warn you that it is a potentially poisonous puffer fish sashimi. Or simply write the strange text you’re trying to understand, it’s like having a linguist genius fluent in 103 languages in your pocket.

Automatic machine translation (or neuronal machine translation) has been dramatically improved. Now translate complete sentences in a more fluid, less robotic way.

Google Maps Icono Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to save maps in offline mode so you can check them when you do not have access to the internet or data. You just have to anticipate a bit to save the map of where you are going. I recommend downloading the maps through a Wi-Fi connection because they can be quite mega.

Do not know how to download it? Contact us

In case you have access to the internet or have bought a SIM card, to make an international call we have WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and Viber

Many cities around the world offer local applications to call taxis like Uber, so it is worth checking if it is something you are willing to spend and download it in advance, we must bear in mind that this is tied to your credit card and will eliminate the need to carry cash on hand early when you leave the airport and take you to the hotel. However, if you want to have some cash on hand, you are more likely to get better rates by exchanging it in advance with your local bank than doing it at airports.



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