TEPAL 2017 Congress


Panama, welcomes once again the representatives of the most important cable operators in the region in the 27th edition of TEPAL 2017, under the motto “FROM LATIN AMERICA TO THE WORLD.” One of the most important events in the telecommunications industry, which brings commercial and tourism benefits for our country.

Telecommunications for Latin America (TEPAL), is an organization that groups associations and telecommunications companies, belonging to 18 countries of the region and whose headquarters is located in the Republic of Panama. This organization, founded in 1992, undertakes every year the TEPAL Congress, where all its participants are given lectures and seminars given by important speakers on topics related to industry and its development.

The TEPAL 27 Congress will be attended by associations and telecommunications companies from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, where each year this space becomes a showcase for strengthening ties, renewing and expanding business links.

The inaugural session was presented by Mr. Nicolás González Revilla, Vice President of TEPAL and CEO General Manager of Cable Onda, said: “The technological revolution has led consumers to want to experience much more interactive technologies and to give them an experience of the TV of the future, which leads us to go faster to solutions to satisfy the demand of more digital societies ”

“In recent years, the importance for our country that this type of events continue to be made in Panama because it brings us much closer to that goal we have to make Panama the Technology Hub of the Americas,” said Humberto García Ferro, Permanent Secretary General of the Board of Directors of TEPAL.

Today, industry and markets face significant challenges in maintaining competitiveness; Count on constant innovation in each of the products and offer technology of the highest level, are some of the challenges that face.

The TEPAL 2017 Congress has on its agenda several conference sessions and panels of topics of great interest to the telecommunications industry in Latin America. It will have business forums and trade exchanges, as well as technical workshops to share best practices and experiences of new technological implementations in Latin America.

Under this premise, cable operators recognize the importance of the industry being able to offer consumers an attractive proposition that will provide them with a future television experience that is consistent with competitive prices.

The Tepal 2017 Congress had an important exhibition of products and services related to technological advances and innovations, as well as programmers with worldwide recognition.

With this Congress, it is evident the advances that Panama has had in terms of technology and that it remains a country that opens its doors to important events for the industry, offering its visitors a valuable opportunity to share knowledge.


By Darelys Carrillo


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