Tell me what you do and I’ll tell you how the Galaxy Note 8 helps you


The Galaxy Note 8 is the smartphone of creative, productive, demanding people, multitaskers, go getters, unique personalities, those who live intensely and make the most of each experience. With the most amazing features and performance of the market, it was designed to take to the next level those who make more of what they love and practice their professions with passion.

No matter what you do, the new Note has functions that exceed your expectations and make you shine in what you do. Are you a chef? Then we know that yours with the big infinite screen of 6.3 inches, Full HD will be love at first sight. In this spectacular canvas you can feed your inspiration by looking at recipes and videos. What’s more, you can see at the same time, without buttons that annoy you, videos, your favorite recipes web and social networks of your reference chef at the same time. Or why not? Shoot your tutorials with the spectacular camera with optical stabilization of your Galaxy Note8. Imagine seeing Chef’s Table on that spectacular screen?

A fashion designer will find in the camera of Note8 the perfect ally for your day to day. You can take photos of everything that inspires you: places, textures, fabrics, people and colors, as well as finished parts with lookbook quality. With PENUP you can connect with artists from around the world, a global community of thousands of people who use their Galaxy Note and S Pen to create amazing works of art. The improved S Pen, with finer point and the ideal sensitivity to pressure, will allow you to easily and quickly sketch the muse, edit your designs and jot down ideas for future collections.

A journalist will also get the most out of the fantastic Galaxy Note8 and S Pen, the best stylus for a Smartphone in the market. Multitasking functions will make it much easier to record and take notes – up to a hundred pages of notes! Even surf the web in search of information and at the same time always have on the screen an update of what is happening in the world. And not only that, you can take your Note wherever the news takes you. With its water and dust-enriched properties, you have an off-road device in your hand, and with Samsung DeX, you can replicate with your mobile and from where you find the experience of working from a desktop computer. Its large capacity expandable memory will allow you to seamlessly use all the editing and collaboration applications you need to do more in less time, even when working remotely.



Publicist and event planner starting your own company? You will be able to assist you practically of each feature of Galaxy Note 8 to shine in each project. Its unique camera will allow you to document everything and take photos of your professional quality assemblies for your portfolio. In addition, you can have the most productive videoconferences with your clients and write down the ideas that arise just at that moment. The best thing is that the sensitive information you keep from your clients and projects is completely safe thanks to the security features and wide variety of biometric technologies with which Note 8 comes equipped, including fingerprint and iris scanning and recognition facial.

No matter what you do, what your passions and the things that move you. With Note8 at your side there will be no barriers that prevent you from doing what you need to achieve your dreams.


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