¿Tecnología para mejorar tu performance?


Mientras que la verdadera esencia de los deportes radica en el talento de los atletas, la aplicación de nuevas tecnologías y la ciencia en diferentes prácticas deportivas, desde la tecnología de línea meta hasta el análisis detallado de los datos de rendimiento y la biomecánica de cómo se mueve el cuerpo, puede mejorar en gran medida, asegurando un juego superior, en menor tiempo y con resultados positivos.

Many athletes have happily adopted these technologies, using sensors and chips to evaluate their performance. They have welcomed the scientifically designed sports to ensure that their movements are as efficient as possible, increasing their chances of winning medals and trophies.

Technological advances have had a profound impact on sport including:

  • Analysis of sports performance, allowing coaches to greatly improve the response quality of players or athletes.
  • Increase accuracy in sports performance time measurements
  • Enable referees and sports officials to make better decisions about rule violations
  • Improvements in the design of sports equipment and clothing
  • Provide viewers with a better view of sports performance

Sparta Science

Sparta Science is a Silicon Valley company that applies data and technology to the pursuit of human resilience. It provides a new way to objectively assess and compare athletes through technology, and ensure that each team member reaches their full athletic potential within an organization.

Sparta uses powertrain technology and Sparta Trac, an enterprise SaaS intelligence solution, to turn data into useful information.

Kitman Labs


Kitman Labs is a sports science company that leverages data to prevent injuries and optimize athletic performance, founded by Stephen Smith, former Irish rugby coach who encountered some obstacles while testing for his master’s thesis on risk factors for injury of the athlete.

Its mission is to allow sports teams to win by increasing player availability through reduced injury.

They believe that winning has as much to do with science and technology as with desire. By accurately capturing relevant athlete data and applying scientific research-based algorithms, Kitman’s products and services offer useful information that improves player availability and delivers stronger team results. It achieves this through the system of optimization of athletes, which is composed by a set of products: Capture, Athlete and Profiler.

Capture is a markerless motion capture technology that performs biomechanical evaluations.

Athlete is a customizable mobile application that allows athletes to provide individualized wellness and psychological information to their training staff.

Profiler is a system that uses automatic learning to understand the health parameters of athletes to identify the risk of injury and predict the availability of players.

The combination of these technologies provides valuable information that drives informed decisions to keep athletes healthy.

Halo Sports

Diadem that stimulates the area of the cerebral cortex where movement is recorded. The secret is how the brain learns and interprets each movement and then reproduces it flawlessly and improves it to perfection so that Dr. Daniel Chao created Halo Neuroscience.

P3 Peak Performance Project

P3 is a training environment combined with a research laboratory. For more than 10 years, they have been taking advantage of biomechanical technology to improve the performance of the best athletes in the world. Technologies such as 3D Motion Analysis integrated with power plates, give sports scientists P3 the ability to know the exact kinematics of lower limbs and kinetics. These measurement techniques, combined with the ability to process data, have enabled P3 to develop the deepest and most reliable assessment database in professional sports. As a result, he has gained unprecedented insight into athlete risk factors and performance.


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