Public Call for Support for the Strengthening of National Thinking Centers 2017

SENACYT Pensamiento Nacionales / SENACYT National Thinking

Recently, SENACYT held the release of the Public Call for Support to Strengthen National Thinking Centers 2017.

It’s an initiative part of the Support Program for Science and Technology Activities. Addressed to organizations that conduct public policy research, constituted as public interest associations, nonprofit legal entities and research centers of universities duly recognized by the national accreditation body, who have their domicile in Panama and have the capacity to carry out scientific research, technological development or innovation.

This call seeks to strengthen organizations that are engaged in research activities oriented to public policies through funding.

At the event, Diana Candanedo, Head of the Planning Office of SENACYT, stated that the objective of the call is

“to support the strengthening of national organizations engaged in research activities oriented to public policies, through The financing of activities for the development of an organizational structure for governance, effective communication skills or the development of a strategy and a research agenda”.

Also, Giancarlo Roach, Economist of SENACYT’s Planning Office, pointed out that thinking centers constitute a type of organization that is part of the ecosystem of public policies based on evidence. “The thinking centers arise out of conviction in their leaders, and usually those who stand out most are what they do research that has an impact on public policies. This implies that, in addition to conducting quality research, they develop the structure and capacities to communicate research activities and results”.

During the event, the Deputy Minister of the Presidency, Salvador Sánchez, said that this call seeks to strengthen the capabilities installed in our country to conduct research, and thus generate useful knowledge for the design, monitoring, and evaluation of public policies. “In this sense, the importance it has for the State as an organization, but at the same time for the country in general, for society and for the concrete people who are affected by public policies is clear: we can only design public policies that Are useful to meet the real problems of people if we have quality information, and we will only have quality information if our researchers carry out the necessary tasks to produce those reports, documents and reflections on national problems.

The deadline for submission of proposals ends on September 8, 2017, at 3:00 p.m. Among the thematic areas to apply to this call are the social sciences and education; Agricultural sciences, forestry and aquaculture; Health Sciences; Natural and exact sciences; Biodiversity and ecology; Logistics and Transportation; Information and communications technologies; Engineering and technology; And industry.

The functions of the centers of thought are diverse, among them the promotion of evidence-based public policies. Likewise, these identify problems and affect the public agenda; Popularize, disseminate and protect ideas; And create and nurture spaces for research and debate.

Likewise, the organization of the centers of thought allows the development of the capacities of the future leaders and entrepreneurs of public policies, and they strengthen the governance.

Within their research agenda, thought centers, in addition to addressing scientific issues, raise public policy questions, so that in addition to thinking about problems, they also analyze possible solutions.

The National Thinking Centers are part of Program 4 of the Strategic Plan for Science, Technology, and Innovation of Panama that seeks to strengthen the capacities of competitive intelligence.

The call may involve all organizations that feel called to be centers of thought, and from a diagnosis made feel the need to strengthen their communication skills, their organizational structure for governance or raise their research agenda Addressed to public policy issues.

A center of thought is a label, a type of organization that is called upon to play a distinct role in the evidence-based public policymaking process, which is concerned with quality research and asks public policy questions.

Centers of thought need communities to ensure their success over time, and these centers


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