One Second Solver, more than an app


Interview with the guys from One Second Solver

1. In a few words, who are the geeks behind One Second Solver?

Felipe Chen and Juan Girón are the creators of One Second Solver. Both are 24 years old and met six years ago while studying for a degree in Systems and Computer Engineering at the Technological University of Panama (Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá).

2. What is One Second Solver?

One Second Solver is a mobile app able to solve any mathematical problem step by step, the way a person would solve it. This allows it to be a mathematical tutor who knows the procedure, concepts and answers to each problem that the user enters. The name was given because we thought to make the software capable of solving any problem in no more than 1 second, which we are not very sure is possible.

3. For whom was the app thought, in other words, what is your target?

The app was thought from the beginning for university students who see calculus and related subjects because the level of difficulty is higher and when we were students it was very common to hear that someone was doing poorly in math/calculus. Over time we also decided to focus on not forgetting the high school kids who also see math, but less difficult and interesting hehe.

4. What was the most complicated stage when developing?

The beginning. This is in 2012 when we were students and we were not as good programmers (or mathematicians) as we are now. In programming there is something called “recursiveness” that is when a function calls itself, and for not wanting to have to deal with that, we decided to use other programming techniques that in the end made us think things better and give us Account that using recursion and binary trees was the most effective way to build the mathematical engine, although at the beginning it was a headache. After so much time of being developed, and to construct a recursive function is done practically without thinking about it.

5. From the mathematics used in the application, which was the one that requested the most demand for neurons, time and dedication?

The integrals. Because they require that the mathematical engine to be more “intelligent” as the problems are more complex and these cover almost all the previous topics. The motor must know what mathematical rules to apply and when to apply them to solve a problem.

6. What programming language do you like to work more?

Java. The most important component of the entire application (the algorithm that solves problems), which covers almost 70% of all code, is programmed in Java. Other languages we also used were JavaScript and CSS.

7. In this 2016, are you planning to launch a new project together?

Yes. We are thinking of building a kind of educational social network, in which not only the user and an app interact, but also that all users of the network can interact and help each other. That would be of great benefit to all.

8. Finally, what message or advice do you give to today’s entrepreneurs?

Do not give up if things do not go as they want or have not yet seen the fruit of their work after a long time of having begun.

If you want to know more about them you can look them up at their website


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