National Award for Business Innovation 2017

Premio Nacional de Innovación 2017

Background to the National Award for Business Innovation

The National Award for Business Innovation seeks to promote and strengthen the capacity for innovation in Panamanian companies by recognizing successfully proven business innovation activities. The promoters of this innovation award are the National Secretariat for Science, Technology, and Innovation (SENACYT) and the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP). It should be noted that this year commemorated the eleventh version of the contest with the participation of 50 projects. During these eleven years, more than 400 projects have been nominated, rewarding more than 50 Panamanian companies, whose innovative projects have marked a national milestone. Even some of them have crossed national borders, positioning themselves successfully in other countries of the world.

Winners to Business Innovation 2017

The first place winner was OSOP, S.A. With its innovative “Raspberry Shake” project. It is a personal seismograph that consists of an electronic card that works in conjunction with a geophone (a sensor that allows the detection of seismic waves propagated through the earth). It adheres to a Raspberry Pi, which is a mini computer that processes the seismic information from the Raspberry Shake and then projects it into a seismic wave viewer. Personally, I draw my attention to the low cost of the seismograph compared to other seismographs on the market. The prize, for the sum of 30 thousand balboas, was received by Mr. Ángel Rodríguez and collaborators of the company.

The second place of the award was won by ADVANCED BIOCONTROLLER, S.A., with its innovative project titled “Development of the first biological control laboratory for export in Panama”. Advanced Biocontroller, S.A. Is a company dedicated to the commercialization, research, and development of antagonistic and entomopathogenic fungi for the control of insect pests in agriculture? The prize of 20 thousand balboas was received by Mr. Demetrio Díaz.

The third place of the National Award for Business Innovation 2017 was won by the company REDOXIGEN, INC., With the project “INTERFASE”, Augmented reality game. Same as we talked about in Bridge Geek. This innovation, created by Engineer Min Chen, is a game for mobile devices that acts as a new digital market channel and a data collection tool for all businesses in the country.

Business Innovation Finalists 2017

The six finalists of the Prize and winners of one thousand balboas each, were:

  • Engeenuity, S.A. With the project ““Gestión Biofotónica remota de bacterias y células somáticas en granjas lecheras” y el proyecto “Tecnología Nano-Biofotónica para inactivación de Malaria”
  • Jap Eco, S.A., with the project “Abono orgánico granulado”.
  • Compañia Azucarera la Estrella, S.A., with the project “Desarrollo implementado y uso comercial de Bioproductos activos para el mejoramiento de la productividad de cultivos agrícolas y restauración de suelos en CALESA”.
  • Inversiones ANBC, S.A. With the project “Mitra- Sistema de manejo y control de hato lechero por medio de web”
  • Delivery Zone, with its project “Tecnología y desarrollo de soluciones integrales para PYMES (app de mensajería, control de flotas, punto de ventas POS)”
  • The Luxury Laundry, Corp. with the project “Reciclaje de aceites usados de cocina como fuente alternativa de energía en la lavandería de Bern Hotels & Resorts”.


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