Military Bunkers in Panama


Have you ever heard about Bunkers?

A bunker is a construction made of iron and concrete commonly used in wars as protection. In our country, there are several bunkers built by the southern command. The best known is the one located in the Ancon Hill, you can see its doors at the entrance.

But, what was the purpose of building a bunker?

After the attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the United States government was convinced that the next target could be the Panama Canal, for that reason, they extended their troops throughout the national territory, among which included the construction of bunkers. It is believed that its main purpose was to store arms and to plan military strategy.

Some Bunkers in Panama are:

Among the bunkers built by the southern command are the one located on the hill ancón and another located in the metropolitan park, both in Panama City.
The bunker located on Ancon Mount was designed to withstand:

  • Nuclear bombardment.
  • The possibility of being isolated for three years.

In addition, it has the following infrastructure:

  • Length of 200 meters

  •  40 cameras.

  •  7 reinforced doors.

  • Own air conditioning systems.

  • Electricity and drinking water system.

  • Espionage-proof system, because it did not allow the entrance and exit of any type of waves.

While the bunker located in the Metropolitan Park, indicates that at the time was used as a workshop and in it, different aircraft engines were tested which were used in the second war. This bunker has three auditoriums and capacity for about 200 people each, where one is underground.

Some governments have tried to rehabilitate these places, but it has not yet been possible.

In Ponte Geek we wanted to look for a little more about these bunkers built by the military, however, the information that we obtained was very limited, according to what several sources indicate to us this is because it has relation with the army of the United States and They keep much of your information protected.

Do you know about other bunkers in Panama? Do not keep the information and share it!


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