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We had the pleasure of interviewing Luděk Šimek in the representation of MeCool., IT company that operate in the Czech Republic.

Following questions and answers.

1.What is “”? What services or products do you offer?

We an IT company. Everything related to IT has close to us. Just right now we offer a wide amount of web pages for various uses, e-shops and other online systems. We provide IT administration service outsourcing so clients don’t have to pay for an extra IT employee. And last but not least is the creation on-demand software. Sometimes market just can’t fill your needs with pre-made products so you need to develop your own product. That’s the right time to coma to us.

2.What makes MeCool different from other similar companies?

Well as our motto says “IT s přehledem”. In english it would be something like IT with an overview. In this field of business, IT provider can misuse his position to charge extra money, make up some unnecessary work etc. That’s because nobody exactly knows what needs to be done or can’t see inside of it. So I told myself let’s give our clients good quality services without any of these bad manners.

3.What was your main challenge as a company and how did you overcome it?

Well…..:) I went through a big one from the beginning. The fact is that if you want to develop your company it takes some money, work, effort and as I see it now some time too. So every penny my company makes it goes back to pay employees, loans and equipment, so there’s no more money left for me. So I need to have two more jobs to take care of my life and family. And if you work two more jobs besides your business you have less time to give them, to your family, your hobbies etc. So my business grows but it’s a long-term run and I can’t wait. 🙂

4. How do you see the support of the government and society towards entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic?

Another tricky question. 🙂 Bad and not so bad. Let’s take government first. You need to report your accounting each month. That’s good for the government to control but high administration load on us. Each month I need to pay my accountant about $100 for taking care of this stuff. I would definitely find more use for this money somewhere else. As I say – before I can touch money from my business, government takes taxes from it 3 times.

The society sees you always as a person who has a plenty of free time. They see your nice car but they don’t want to realize that’s because I have 3 jobs and almost no free time. So I can see now not everybody wishes you success and not everybody realizes how hard it is to run your own business.

5. How do you see MeCool in the next ten years?

Closed, more developed or in the same state. 🙂 It depends on many factors. Let’s see what the future brings. From my point of view, I can see it as a professional on-demand IT company providing everything related to IT for other companies. (B2B)

6. If a person requires your services, How should they proceed?

You can contact us through our website or facebook.


7.What advice would you give to people that want to start their own business?

Guys, it’s a hard work. Prepare yourself to have less free time than others, less money than if you took a job in some big company, you will have lots of obstacles in your way. I need to mention that it’s not only about one good idea, you need to bring several ideas and try to take each one to the end. But if you manage all of this you can have your life and business as you want and you don’t need to subordinate to anybody. Good luck to all of you!

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