Don’t have a Mac? You have no excuse…


Apple computers are the most “expensive” on the market (the “expensive” part, we should see in another post), what’s true, is that when you are a programmer and you have the desire to devour books and learn about the development of apps on Apple’s platform, we find the first stumble and is to have a mac.

It is very true that without a mac, first, you will not be able to install Xcode for programming on this platform (Being it the MacOSX, iOS, tvOS or watchOS platform), second, there are other tools that you will not have access to and will not be able to perform completely in this world.

Developments for this platform are getting better paid and many customers are looking for developers, but the market here in Panama or in the world isn’t that saturated, so we have the opportunity to profit in this area.

Now, here begins the post ;)

Today I want to tell you about something that I found precisely looking for a solution for one of my developers that had a damaged mac and we had to solve quickly, in that search, we find several solutions, obviously the free, (I’ll talk about it in another post) and a paid solution that caught our attention, MacInCloud  (I don’t doubt that there are many more, tell us if you have found any other).


MacInCloud as its name says, offers a solution in the cloud from personal machines, to mac servers for business services.

What is the service about? They give you access to virtual machines thay have in their cloud platform, despite the virtualization they offer, machines don’t go down in performance, whether you want to render videos or use programs that require heavy processing.


Each machine comes with all the accessories that a mac brings and also lets you install additional tools that you would need, they feature internet access too, which allows you to use a service as dropBox , google Drive o Resilio sync to keep your files secure, also on your PC, from where you are accessing.

As for performance, the machine itself behaves just like if you bought a physical mac, the speed with which you see the machine, will depend on your bandwidth and the quality you demand the connection, which by the way, the company gives you a set of tools to choose the connection, whether for low bandwidth, high resolution, etc.

What everyone wants to hear, PRICES…

Well to say the truth the prices are accessible, attach you would find the image taken from the official website of them:


There are other options to have a Mac for personal use, about this option I’ll be speaking in another post this week, actually we liked this because of we do not have to do any installation and we were able to continue working without any setback.

If you know of another paid option please comment and we will evaluate it to see which is better.


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