Y.A.M. Sports Panama

Y.A.M. Sports Panamá

Among our sports entrepreneurs, we met Yahairo Barría, 43 years old and founder of “Y.A.M. Sports Panama”, a company that is dedicated to the manufacture of sports wheelchairs.

Yahairo Barría tells us that he needed to go to a basketball wheelchair competition for people at El Salvador, however, he didn’t have a special chair for this game, hence the idea of building his own.

The chair was built in the workshop of a friend, where he also gave the support of his tools, but the design and art was all Yahairo. When he participated in this tournament in El Salvador, the other participants asked him where he had made it and he says that when he mentioned that he had been the one who had made it, they didn’t believe him, but his friends of the team did know that he had made the chair and began to consult him about it. Hence the Y.A.M. Sports Panama. He tells us that the biggest challenge he had was getting the tools and equipment to set up the workshop.

In the future I would like to make semi-sport chairs by marketing them in local supermarkets such as Super 99, Machetazo and Xtra.

Y.A.M. Sports Panama

Y.A.M. Sports Panama is located in Santiago, Veraguas, Panama, next to Toco Castillo where M&M is, we can contact you through your cell phone +507 6205-6741.

Wheelchairs are made through orders and cost around $1500 to $1800.

Advice for people who want to undertake.

To those who start a venture and see that their business has a boom, go for it so it could be successful and both grow and perseverance.

Yahairo Barría

Yahairo Barria


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