Looking for a beer? In May, look for Ubica


We had an incredible experience getting to know Oscar Peñalver who told us all about the soon launch application, Ubica.

What is Ubica?

As its name says, it’s an online search service, based on data collection. It is born from the difficulty of finding particular day to day necessities, there are similar applications but at the moment of showing the result, it becomes difficult to arrive at the point that you want.

Looking forward to a ‘beer’ and you don’t know where to find it? Soon you will be able to use this application to find the nearest ‘chinito’, yes, you will be able to search for specific locations and products and of course, I can’t forget to mention that you can search in ‘Panamanian’ Spanish.

If you own an establishment and want to participate you can enter the website for free and fill in your details, of course, as long as you send a copy of your identification.

Ubica vs Other technological solutions

  1. They have a large database, representing 97% of the locations that exist in Panama.
  2. Its search technology, since, as mentioned, you can not only search by location but also by product.

Wait for it in May!

Ubica Panamá
Ubica Panamá


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