INTERFASE: Swiss Mission


This month we had the pleasure of meeting Min Chen, a young software engineer, co-founder of Alcenit and her latest Venture, RedOxigen, who will be representing Panama in SeedStars World competition for the development of the app INTERFASE.


INTERFASE is an augmented reality game that connects players to businesses so they can reward them, it has a Pokemon Go style, that people only had to install the app and go out to play, that’s how INTERFASE works, just with the difference that this is based on a Science Fiction story between two groups which compete with each other to gain full control of an AI that these hackers have created. For gamers it is a game where they have fun and know people, for shops is a mobile platform, one of the few in the world able to really bring people inside establishments, and for RedOxigen is an innovation that’s going to put Panama on the digital map, starting with the small and medium companies that don’t have enough for this type of investment and add them to the digital economy.

What is SeedStars World?

SeedStars World is a startups competition that seeks to find the best emerging market entrepreneurs.

The SeedStars Panama competition was held on October 27, 2016, where RedOxigen was selected as the winner. The following positions were taken by Archimesa and Antidoto respectively.


Min and his great team are ready to take Panama’s name high, are you ready to support them? We are, congratulations guys!


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