HBO Hack

HBO Hacking

In recent days, HBO suffered a cyber attack, but… how much information was hacked? What did HBO say about this? Where could you get this information?

The attackers claim to have filtered 1.5 Terabytes.

The information has been posted on a web page that may have been created by the attackers.

The information that has been placed: Ballers and Room 104 next episodes, written material belonging to the scripts of the fourth episode of the series Game of Thrones, Insecure episode, financial, legal and personal information of Vivianne Eisenberg, VP of legal issues.

On the web page where the information has been placed, you can find the message “coming soon”, which implies more information is coming.

What did HBO say about this?

“Someone has stolen proprietary information, including some of our programming”

HBO CEO Richard Plepler.

Currently, the company is working with the FBI, in conjunction with the private company to find those responsible.

Where can we find this information?

The hackers have created a web page under the name of Winter Leak where the information already described, is found. Also, right now many sites have available the infiltrated information.

If you don´t know where to find it, and you want to know more, write me an e-mail.

We will continue to report what is going on with this case.


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