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As we know, technology is growing by leaps and bounds every day and our pets can’t be left behind… today there are from parks to hotels for the spoiled ones of the house, now, let’s see a couple of gadgets that may interest you to pamper them.

Tractive GPS

Have you ever lost your puppy or your kitten left home? With Tractive GPS you do not have to spend more scares than not knowing where it is. How? Well I tell you that Tractive GPS, as the name says, is nothing more than a tracker that allows you to locate your pet at any time and anywhere directly from your smartphone (app available for iOS and Android) or in any browser.

It has a Virtual Fence, which means that you receive an instant notification when your pet leaves a defined safe area (for example, backyard or neighborhood) and you can also track it live, that is, identify the location in real time of your friend when it is most important. In this mode, the location will update every 2-3 seconds.

Where can I get it?

Tractive GPS

Petwant Smart Feeder

Are you very busy and do you have a food schedule for your pet, which is not ideal? The Petwant company developed the Smart Feeder so that you can feed it automatically through your smartphone, wherever you are.

You can choose between three (3) models:


This is the most basic model, with which you can record a regular feeding schedule, it has an LCD screen and infrared anti-jam system.

F1 Wi-Fi

The F1 Wi-Fi has the basic functions of the PF-102 and in addition, it can be controlled through the cell phone, so you can feed your friend remotely and that’s not all, you can also talk to him through the voice intercom.


The most complete version. If F1 Wi-Fi is great for you, you are going to love the PF-103! With its live video feature, your pet will not feel alone anymore.

Where can I get it?



Who has said that obesity only affects people? To monitor and track the calories and sedentary habits of your pet, here is Pitpat.

How does it work?

  • The device is placed on the collar of your dog or cat.
  • Download the free application from your smartphone.
  • Create your profile and receive your personalized goal.
  • Know what your pet does in terms of walking, running, resting and playing.

Where can I get it?

Petnet Smart Bowl

Don’t know how much food you should give your pet? With Petnet’s smart plate you can measure and serve the correct portion at all times, it notifies you at what time you should feed your friend and keeps you informed of your eating habits. It is designed for iOS and Android.

Where can I get it?

What are you waiting for to pamper your pet? Tell us what gadget you know!


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