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What exactly is the Porteus kiosk?

Porteus Kiosk is a lightweight Linux operating system that has been restricted to allow the use of only the web browser. In addition, the browser has been locked to prevent users from altering settings or downloading and installing software. When the kiosk starts automatically the Firefox or Google Chrome browser opens to the chosen home page. History is not saved, no passwords are saved, and many menu items have been disabled for full security. When the browser is restarted, all caches are cleared and reopened automatically with a clean session to ensure that no trace of history remains.

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Tomasz Jokiel has announced the launch of Porteus Kiosk 4.4.0. The new version has Firefox 52 ESR, Google Chrome 58 (with Netflix streaming support) and the swap partition has been replaced by a more flexible swap file.

“I am pleased to announce that Porteus Kiosk 4.4.0 is now available for download. The major software updates in this release are: Linux kernel 4.9.30, Mozilla Firefox 52.1.2 ESR and Google Chrome 58.0.3029.110. Portage snapshot tagged in 20170526. Short registration changes for version 4.4.0: You can use the online or local web page as screensaver. The swap partition has been replaced with a more flexible swap file. You can configure The custom printer name on the system Added support for hosting SSL certificates directly on Porteus Kiosk Server Enabled default CloudPrinting for Porteus Kiosk Cloud / ThinClient variants using Chrome browser All Chrome add-ons are enabled by default, including “Widevine Decryption of content “so it is possible to see, for example, Netflix Movies.”

Complete list of changes:

  • Online or local webpage can be used as the screensaver.
  • Swap partition has been replaced with more flexible swap file.
  • Its possible to set custom printer name in the system.
  • Added support for hosting SSL certificates directly on Porteus Kiosk Server.
  • Enabled CloudPrinting by default for Porteus Kiosk Cloud/ThinClient variants utilizing Chrome browser.
  • All plugins for Chrome are enabled by default including “Widevine Content Decryption Module” so its possible to watch e.g. Netfilx movies.
  • Create virtual mode on headless kiosks so its possible to connect to them through the VNC service.
  • Compiled ‘nvme’ driver directly into kernel so our systems can be booted from the NVME devices.
  • Other bugfixes and improvements.


Porteus-Kiosk-4.4.0-x86_64.iso (72MB, MD5, pkglist).



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