Dr. Enitza George and the Kiloton

Dra. Enitza George

Dr. Enitza George, famous for her Kiloton program, as well as being the first woman in Panama to complete the 42km marathon.


Getting to know Dr. Enitza George

A Panamanian woman, mother of three sons, Christian and her profession is a specialist in family medicine, marathon runner, certified health coach, health strategist, friend of anyone who approaches her sincerely and positively. A restless globetrotter, restless in spirit, demanding in everything, perfectionist even in accent marks. Ambitious, unconformity, sensitive, resilient. This doctor is characterized in helping its patients to lose weight, to train and she’s also is ambassador of great marks.

A little history


Much work is done by Dr. Enitza George, however, the Kilotón program stands out. She tells us that this program was born from the result of a complaint made by a patient in 2005, at that time she had a clinic on the ground floor of the Hotel Miramar, the patient said that the place and services offered by the doctor were very elitist. In response to his complaint, he decided to develop a group program, to support people to lose weight through a “Weight Watchers” type plan. Thus arose the name and concept Kilotón, where people lose pounds to heap through group support with exercises and various motivational activities. Obviously everything at a significantly lower price than a private consultation.

The doctor began running since 2008 when she sought to lose weight after having her second child, reports that she fell in love with the sport at a time when few women ran long distances, although her attachment was so much that she decided to run the marathon 42 km. Today it has completed 34 marathons of 42 kilometers around the world and an ultra marathon (60 kilometers) in New York. He has also had the privilege of training with different professionals around the world, including marathon runner Rodgers Rop (winner of first place in Boston marathon and marathon in New York in 2002), giving him an important advice, which explains, not only applies in the entrainment but also in life itself.

Run as if your life depended on running. And do not stop even if you die.

Her services

  • Among the services offered by Dr. George are:
  • Design of weight loss programs.
  • Design comprehensive prevention programs for adults, families and large and small groups.
  • She is a certified health coach and performs 3-6 month programs to help his clients find what their body really needs to achieve the highest level of 3D health (biological, psychological and social).
  • Health strategist, accompanying large corporations and global brands to study, develop and evaluate markets and health products.

Sports and Technology

“Technology is to stay and if we do not adjust, we are left behind. Applied to health, allows patients to do much good and expand treatment options by being able to share their results in real time with other colleagues. our performance and being more precise in the development and evaluation of training programs.However, technology has its limitations: technology gives us information and sometimes even wisdom, but it does not transform us.You can say “Good Job!” it will always be in a robotic tone, without human heat.I think the beautiful thing is when the technology is used by humans who serve as passionate transforming beings.That is why I buy the best equipment, but then I look my patients in the eye. I think my look and my human touch gives me more information and serves more therapeutically than any team, however sophisticated”

Dra. Enitza George

She says that among his favorite gadgets is his Pebble watch which measures steps, speed, distance, time, calories and climate because it allows you to set simple and realistic goals and then monitor them yourself without having to enter a website.


He recently opened his clinic in Punta Pacifica, PH Oceania Business Plaza, Torre 1000, 49th floor. Still, he continues to attend selected patients at home, including the interior of the Republic and abroad, for more information go to her website.


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