Those who say that in Panama there’s no innovation, are wrong. We met Val, a video game developer and Mónica, an architect, together they founded Archimesa, a company located in the Innovation Center, Ciudad del Saber, Panama, which develops software for real estate developers using video game technology. Let’s talk to you a little about them:

The app has information about each project, about its surroundings, you can see all the restaurants that are nearby, all schools, hospitals, supermarkets, also the price information for each apartment, that is always updated and controlled in real time by the promoters so if a promoter sells an apartment, he/she updates it in this online system so that all who have the application installed will be able to see the latest information. You can filter the whole building from the outside based on the price range and the app will highlight all the apartments that are available within the same or according to the range of rooms or square meters, within this there are many useful tools for real estate developers and their exhibitions, so that they can present the project in a more comfortable, fast and innovative way, which will attract the attention of investors.

Get to know Val and Monica in the interview we did. You can contact them through mail or through their social networks @archimesa

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