Adelantos, because the emergencies can’t wait what they delay the credits in the traditional system


Adelantos is a Panamanian financial institution 100% online, which seeks to transform, through innovation and technology, the way in which financial services are offered and solve a liquidity crisis that has a person immediately. Its decision system is an algorithm that combines structured and unstructured data, with a Big Data decision engine that uses artificial intelligence to learn from the historical data and process the information of the applicant, where they could deliver the money to your account. bank in less than 30 minutes, solving the liquidity crisis to people that the main alternative would be informal means, due to lack of credit history or a bad track record and the speed that requires it, if it is emergency.

They currently offer consumer micro credits, loans ranging from $ 50 to $ 500, which can be paid in up to 3 months. The process is 100% online, the customer performs all the processing on his Smartphone and receives the money in his bank account, all this in less than 30 minutes and without moving anywhere.

Steps to Request a Adelanto

  1. Download the APP through the Play Store and from there start the application process.
  2. Enter the amount you want to apply for, the term and the payment dates that are convenient for you.
  3. Complete all the information requested.

Once the application is completed, the decision system takes from 30 seconds to 1 minute to process the information and determine if the loan has been approved. If approved and the client must accept the terms of the loan and the application automatically generates the contracts, which are signed using the electronic signature.

It should be mentioned that a basic principle of Adelantos is transparency, so they only charge an interest rate on the balance in which the customer only pays for the time he uses the money.

From the first screen you are given the total you will have to pay. No additional fees or commissions are charged as insurance, legal expenses or disbursement. The customer knows at all times what will be the total amount to pay. They don’t charge penalties for prepayments.

We have customers that have used us for up to 48 hours.


To apply for an Adelanto you must be of legal age with a personal identity card, have a bank account and active online banking. Foreigners can also apply with their passport and residence card.

They lend public employees, employees of private enterprise and independent people, this particular group are pleased to attend, since it is very large in the population, (estimated to be more than 500,000 in the country) and for them is very difficult to access on credit.

Types of clients

People without credit history: This group of people have their bank account, but they have never had access to the credit world, either because they are accustomed to using informal credit, are intimidated to go to a bank or financial institution or because no one has wanted to offer that first loan to create his first credit reference.

The idea with Adelantos is to create that credit history that will allow them access to credits of larger amounts and to longer terms by financiers or banks

People with bad credit history: This is the largest group within Adelantos. In Panama at the moment we only have a credit association (APC) that carries out a very important and effective work. But once you have a poor reference in your history no matter how old you are, the person will have very little chance of getting a new credit, this is where Adelantos enters offering a second chance to that person to improve and repair that credit history . Once improved, the person can scale to other institutions to get more credits.

People with good credit history: People use advances, even though they have a good credit history and often wages considered high. Because they are presented with an unforeseen or an immediate need and for how easy it is to get the loan and the speed, they use them.



operates at the security level of a bank, using bit-128 encryption. Instant bank verification is one of the keys that allows you to offer a loan immediately and safely. This verification reduces the level of identity fraud, ensuring that the person who is applying, is actually the sole holder of that bank account. This eliminates first and third person fraud, ensuring that the online loan ecosystem is much more secure. This tool is used by Fintech companies all over the world, as in Europe, Australia, Asia, the United States, Mexico and Brazil.

We must emphasize that the loan is made by Adelantos and not the Bank.

Currently they are offering loans to people who have an account at Banco Nacional, Banistmo, Global Bank and Banco General, they are about to add to 3 more banks.

Advances, because emergencies can’t wait for what the credits delay in the traditional system.

Advice to entrepreneurs

Don’t spend much time thinking, but running! Many times we are waiting to have the perfect idea to start our venture. The reality is that there is no such thing as the perfect idea. Every business is full of challenges, which is why execution is even more important than the idea. There is no such thing as a millionaire idea, a good execution can make a mediocre idea profitable, however, a poor execution can thwart the idea of ​​the century!

It is important to be clear with the vision of what you want to achieve. Along the way, it will always make adjustments to the initial idea, but if the vision is clear, what changes is the way, not the final destination.

Problems are always going to happen, it is about how we confront them and look for solutions to them.

One last thought about undertaking … Many people confuse undertaking with inventing or creating new things, a good entrepreneur is the one who best knows how to execute an idea. The largest and most successful companies are not the first to reach an industry if not the last to stay.

I mean companies like Facebook, before there were many social networks like myspace, AOL among others. Facebook came and created the best social network of all and took the others from the market. We see the same with search engines, Google wasn’t the first search engine. Yahoo, AltaVista among others were first, but it was Google who created the best search engine of all and was the one that remained.


So remember, it’s not about creating or being the first. It’s about being the best executing that idea.

Adelantos has a financial license issued by resolution 294 of September 5, 2016


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